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New Feature

November 13, 2019, by Admin

5 to 10 satoshi every 3 minutes

Unlimited Claim

50% Faucet Ref Gain

50% PTC Ref Click

25% Shortlink Click

Faucethub Minimum Payment 1.000 Satoshi ( Valid until 1 December )

Last Edit : 15.11.2019

Direct Payment

November 11, 2019, by Admin

Hello friends

We change the payment method with Faucethub now only your coinbase accounts will be paid.

Withdrawals Closed 

Opening of withdrawals will be opened on 18.11.2019.

Coinbase Minimum payment : 0.0001

Please change your registered email address to Coinbase to receive payment.

Payments will only be made to Coinbase Mail Addresses.

50% Discount on

November 7, 2019, by Admin

50% Discount on All Ad Purchases (Surf CPC 3 Satoshi (PTC Ads 5 Satoshi)

Want to Win Unlimited Satoshi?

November 4, 2019, by Admin

Did you know that you can earn 18 Satoshi per minute with ungleOfferwall? No Limit And Restriction You will be able to earn Unlimited Satoshi by playing a game. We also have good prizes for the Top 10 members in the Offerwalls Competition of Friends Playing 1,000 Minutes So 16 Hours a Week.

New Update

October 15, 2019, by Admin

- New Ads Added

- Lottery Again Active

- Minimum Payment Limit 1,000 Satoshi

- Added CAPTCHA on Surf system

  • Updated login system (now it's more efficient and secure)
  • -Users who use Termux are detected individually and removed from the site.

- Fixed bug that permits cheaters to use bots to earn from Surf Ads (

- Code cleaned up