Reat Cleaning

November 30, 2019, by Admin

Re-fraudulent and multi-account users began to emerge


No more Alerts!


We have now started banning VPN, Proxy and Multiple Account Members.


Great Cleaning

New Payment Gateways

November 21, 2019, by Admin

Many Users Enter the Payment Address Wrong. Otherwise your Payments will be Declined.

Please enter your Express Crypto address as shown below

Hi, as you know, Faucethub is closing. We will pay our members via  ExpressCrypto Register

After hearing too much feedback, this is the most popular one.


Can you please make an account there and then you will see on the page as in the format EC-UserId-XXXXX in this format from


Note: Please do not type the username in your expresscrypto account when requesting Payment. it says above how to get your payment address.


Faucethub payments complete We will begin ExpressCrypto Payments Tomorrow.

New Feature

November 13, 2019, by Admin

5 to 10 satoshi every 3 minutes

Unlimited Claim

50% Faucet Ref Gain

50% PTC Ref Click

25% Shortlink Click

Faucethub Minimum Payment 1.000 Satoshi ( Valid until 1 December )

Last Edit : 15.11.2019

New Update

October 15, 2019, by Admin

- New Ads Added

- Lottery Again Active

- Minimum Payment Limit 1,000 Satoshi

- Added CAPTCHA on Surf system

  • Updated login system (now it's more efficient and secure)
  • -Users who use Termux are detected individually and removed from the site.

- Fixed bug that permits cheaters to use bots to earn from Surf Ads (

- Code cleaned up

Cheat users

October 15, 2019, by Admin

Unfortunately, we had to remove the lottery game because of members who used too many tricks and made unfair earnings by opening more than one membership.

In addition, Faucethub Administrators are notified of Bitcoin Addresses of Cheaters